Thursday, November 6, 2008

American Christian.XII - Ruined World (Eternal Derelict)

This song is available for legal download for free, at this website


He's in a dark room full of people and they're constantly bumping into him but no one says "Excuse me" or "Get out of the way!" they just keep moving without stopping, pausing, or slowing. Someone turns on the lights and he sees why they keep bumping into him - they can't see him. Everyone who passes by has no face - they're only wearing masks.

He tries to speak but his voice is garbled and trapped by the very mask he himself wears. Instead of speaking what he wishes, the mask says, "Hi! I'm fine, how are you? Glorious day, isn't it? Praise Jesus!" It is then he also realizes his vision is somehow affected and he wonders if that's why he can't see the people without their masks. Suddenly it becomes hard to breathe - he panics. He reaches for the edge of his mask but cannot find it - he's worn it so long he can't remember where it ends and he begins. His breathing is stifled - he can only inhale and exhale in small puffs and he's getting light-headed. Everything goes dark...

He wakes up and he's alone. A dim light illuminates his chamber. He can't even lift his head, it feels so heavy. He hears footsteps and looks but sees no one. From the other direction; still no one appears. He sits against the wall and it begins to rain. Water drips through the ceiling and onto his head; it trickles down, somehow between his mask and his head and the sensation drives him mad as he can't locate it with his fingers to wipe it. Tangled in hair and flesh, he yanks and then bleeds. He tries to cry out but the mask only contorts into a smile and laughter fills the room.


An earthquake...something...the ground shakes violently. He's knocked forward, face first into the stony floor and it feels like he's broken his jaw, yet when he moans it is not laughter which follows the earth's upheaval, but indeed a pained moan floats from his cracked lips into the air...he turns over and the only direction he can see anything is up, and he looks through a hole in the ceiling and sees the stars for the first time...

...and then our hero awakens in his dorm room with a killer hangover...

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