Thursday, November 6, 2008

American Christian.II - Go West, Young Man...

...when the evil goes east.


Not knowing what else to do, our hero goes on a youth retreat.

"It's great, you'll love it!" he hears from other kids.

"It'll change your life!" the youth pastor assures him.

While there, he finds a whole host of people just like him. Teenagers wondering what to do with their lives; those who have wondered but have received a calling - "Jesus is the answer!" they declare. "Just pray and have faith!" They obviously know what they're talking about, because they're wearing t-shirts that have controversial bible verses and illustrations on them, driving home biblical principles so that no matter where they go, they're not just living out a witness for Christ, they're literally wearing their biblical doctrine for all to see! Our hero's favorite is one that features the declaration: "God's last name is not dammit."

And they listen to Christian rock and none of that worldly crap. The Christian rock sounds remarkably similar to the secular repertoire, but it's obviously better because it's for the King of Kings instead of the King of Capitalism.

It all makes sense to the young man, and though he prayed the prayer of salvation at a young age, he suddenly feels unsure of his eternal destiny and decides to rededicate his life.

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