Thursday, November 6, 2008

American Christian.I - Movie of My Life

Someone else is playing me,
Someone I don't really like
I am just an extra
And I don't have many lines
I'm just standing in the shadows of the corners of my mind


Our hero grew up with churchy influences as his parents made him go to Sunday School and the service every week. For awhile he resented it, as children are wont to do. But then around the time he was old enough to join the youth group he began to enjoy the whole experience.

But now he's reached that point, let's say about his sophomore or junior year of high school, where he begins to take stock of life. What does it all mean? What is he going to do with the time allotted to him on earth? He knows God is there but he's not exactly sure what even means.

He knows all the right sayings and proverbs: "Let go and let God," "God is in control," and "Jesus is the answer."

So he blindly goes forward, searching for answers...

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