Thursday, November 6, 2008

American Christian.III - Alive



Oh, man, Jesus rocks!! Pure, raw emotion courses through the veins of our hero! He’s prayed the prayer and can feel the filling of the Spirit within his soul! It’s the first time he’s ever felt anything other than fear or dread in relation to God. For the first time his faith is made personal and it’s wonderful.

Suddenly, calling Jesus his “homeboy” seems utterly appropriate. And if this wonderful feeling can happen to him - one who instantly realizes his unworthiness and wretchedness before the throne and then in the very next moment feels the love of Jesus – then this can happen to anybody! And, according to his reasoning, it should happen to everybody! Only thing…he’s kind of shy…

He’s not afraid to stand up when he knows what to stand up for, or when it just moves within him to act (which, up to this point, has been very rare). So he’s not exactly sure how to go about spreading this wonderful news. Good thing he has all of the Christian rock bands and books on Christian Living to guide him…

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